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June 27, 2012

To inspire you – Thank You Jane!

Jane continues to inspire us with some more lovely layouts.

At this time of the year with all the winter ills doesn’t this one make you wish you were there!


This wee cutie has her hands rather full. All of  those purple flowers make me think – tropical island, summers day…….need to stop dreaming.  It is still winter! 
I love the use of the Flower Soft.

If fish could talk!!

You add so much colour to my life!
It is my fault that the bottom of this next double layout is cut short! Tried to make them even but…….you get the idea.
I am sure I can see the sun shining in these photos as well. Oh well – only two more months and it is SPRING!!!
I love the use of the butterflies on this page Jane and your subject peeping out from behind the giant pumpkin – such a cutie!! 


 Thank you for sharing your layouts and your Taonga with us – treasures indeed these little ones!



June 23, 2012

Looking for Fairies and more! – Layouts from Jane

It is so good to see all the creative juices flowing freely in NZ. I continue to be amazed at all the wonderful ways people put their layouts together, their colour choices and their design. Give two people the tools, the photos, the papers and embellishments and they will turn out something unique to them.

Jane is a new contributor and I am thrilled that she has agreed that we can show case her cards and layouts as well. Over the next few days I will give you a taste of Jane’s creativity.

Delightful subjects make delightful photos. Put those together with creativity and you see the results!
Click on the photos for a closer view.

Looking for Fairies





Thanks heaps Jane. These are awesome!
May 09, 2012

A Petal in a Pot! Scrapbooking Layout.

Another of Hilary’s beautiful creations using a paper from the April Ever After Kit – I love the use of the flowers. I will be using that idea somewhere in future creations. Thanks for the inspiration Hilary.


A Petal in a Pot!
April Kit
December 07, 2011

Mini Christmas Album

Sue`s Christmas Album

 I thought you might enjoy the links to this Christmas Album. What a fabulous idea.  Sue my wholesaler for the Fynmark range of products has created this amazing book. Have a go……….love to see your creations!!

You can purchase the products from the Online Card & Scrapbooking Supplies store.



Of course you are not restricted to a Christmas album. This would also made a wonderful gift idea for a Birthday celebration, a 21st gift showing the birthday person through the years. A beautiful baby album as a gift for mum and dad to put the photos of their baby in or what about one for the grandparents – a Christmas gift to someone who has everything show casing their grandchildren! !!

October 01, 2011

DCWV Merry Christmas 12 x 12 stack

I thought you might like a sneak preview of some of the pages in the new DCWV Merry Christmas stacks. A number of these pages have foil on them. There are two of each design in the stack and the pages are beautiful!


Now this is a great page if you are doing an Advent Calendar or album!


Lots of foil on this one!


Mmm for a border, a background, cut choose!


No matter how many times I photographed this one, I couldn't get rid of my reflection in the foil. I'll just pretend it's my halo instead of my hands holding up the camera....but it does show you how awesome the foil is. The design is pretty amazing too!


Caught again!!!


Now this one is really cute!

Hope you have enjoyed the sneak peek at some of this beautiful stack.
September 30, 2011

Paper Bag Book

I made this Paper Bag Book after watching a demo by Laura from Following the Paper Trail. Check out her demo and others she has done on YouTube.


Recipes from and our OE to North Carolina


The best place to start is:

  • Think about your theme
  • Choose your photos – it is fine to print off more than you need but don’t have too many that it becomes a chore trying to make them work
  • Think about your journaling – will you write it as a story flowing through your pages and tags, or will each piece of journaling start and finish on the same page?

You will need:

  • Paper Bags – I used 10x Paper Bags that are 26.2cm x 12.4 cm

  • Either Chip Board or Plywood cover 2ocm x 13.25cm (8″ x 5.25″)– I used 2x 3mm plywood Measurements

                        I am  still trying to source numbers of these. If you live in NZ and would like to purchase some, I will endeavour to get them. Please email your interest to me.

  • Photos
  • Cardstock – patterned,  I used:
  •                   Le Jardin – Floret Double sided Cardstock

  •                   Le Jardin – Bloom Double sided Cardstock

  •                   DCWV Mat stack – Garden Party

  • Cardstock –  Plain, various colours for tags and photo matting

  • Adhesives: Double sided tape

  • Tacky tape

  • Ribbons – various

  • Inks or chalks – various colours
  • Fabric for book binding – I used a piece of vinyl  but there are other pieces of fabric listed under Mini Books in the Product Range

  • Bone Folder 

  •  Embellishments


Trim 1.5cm off the serrated end of your paper bags.


Glue or tape the flap down where indicated by the ruler.


Fold the flap down and use your bone folder edge to flatten along the crease.



Set aside two of your paper bags. These will be used to attach to the front and back covers.

Take two paper bags and tape the flaps together so that they look like this picture. You can either tape it completely shut or just tape the spine edge and the sides – this will allow for another pocket to insert tags into.

Flaps joined on all edgesJoined but leaving the inside flap edge untaped


With the inside edge of the flap left without tape.

 Do this to the remaining 6 bags.

Lay out your photos and decide how you want these in your book remembering that you have an inside front and back cover and pages that you can add pictures to if you wish.

  • Think about what pictures you want immediately showing as the book pages are turned and which pictures could be added to tags and inserted into the paper bags.

Once you have your pictures sorted, choose the papers you want to cover your paper bag pages.

I chose the garden party DCWV mat stack so that I could have coordinating pages through the book and I chose double sided cardstock, plain and patterned when I wanted to add flaps to some of the pages. This meant that I didn’t have to cover the underside.

Showing flaps closed.


Showing flaps open - note all the additional space to add pictures or journalling to.


I have smudged some of the journalling just to protect the people I have written about.

Cut your patterned papers to fit your pages as shown. Don’t forget the flaps that join your pages together.

  • I cut my pieces of card that I wanted with the flaps at 30cm x 12 cm. If you don’t want any of the Paper Bag showing, cut slightly wider. I chose to leave some showing so that I could ink the edges if I wanted.

Ink or chalk the edges of the papers if you wish.

  • At this point decide if you want to add any pockets to your pages etc. If you do it now the under side of brads, ribbons etc can be hidden when you adhere your papers to the pages.


  • The two men sit in a pocket and I have written on the back of the photo so it is not permanently attached and can be lifted out.
  •  The metal flowers and the metal  ‘ Thanks’ are brads that I attached before adhering the papers to the page.

 Glue or use double sided tape to adhere these papers to the paper bag pages.

  • I used DS tape

Ink or Chalk the edges of your pages if you wish.

Using the Tacky tape, place a strip along the spine edge of one of your sets of pages (pink tape), about half a centimeter in from the edge  This allows for expansion of the book as you add more tags etc to the pockets. Use double sided tape and put this along the other edges.

Peel off the tape covering and join your pages together. You should now have a book made up of eight pockets.

 These bags are not all joined but sitting on top of each other as they are ready to be used for another book…….once you have taped yours together they will look similar to this.

The Cover

Plywood Cover

Decide if you want a tied ribbon to close your book. (You don’t necessarily need anything to close it – it is up to you.) You may have other book closure ideas eg magnet clasp, buckle etc.

If you choose a tied ribbon, before covering the book, drill a hole through the back and front cover so that a ribbon can be inserted.

  • I put mine 2.5cm (1”) from the edge half way between the top and bottom of the cover.

Cover the outside cover of your book with cardstock as you wish, remembering that you will have a fabric edge on your spine end.

Once you have completed covering the front cover and if you have decided to add a ribbon tie, make a hole through your cover that lines up with the hole on your underside and thread the ribbon of your choice through the hole. Adhere the end of the ribbon either with strong tape or glue dots. This will not be seen once you have covered the inside of your cover.

Cover the underside of your covers. I have added a pocket to mine – you can see a small tag behind the `Our Journey` wallet – but again it is your choice as to how you want your book to look. You can also see the other pocket where the wallet slips into – explained below.

Shows pocket on inside cover - also see the ribbon end has been covered over.


Inside cover with inserts into the pockets

Take one of your paper bags that you set aside. Put tacky tape around the flap edges, leaving the outer edge if you want a pocket (above) and adhere the flap  to the inside of  your front cover. Do the same for your back cover. Embellish these as you wish.

Once this is done put tacky tape along the spine edge of the paper bag attached to the cover and DS tape around the other edge of your paper bag and attach this to your set of paper bags.

Attach your piece of fabric as shown to your covers using either a tacky tape or some other strong adhesive. Allow extra fabric between the back and front covers over the spine area to allow for expansion of your book. As you add tags etc to the pockets you will need this extra room.



Book without tags added to the pockets


You can see how the additional fabric on the spine has been filled up once the tags are put in the pockets.

Make your tags to insert into the various pockets.

  • I made tags using my Cricut Cart, my daughters Cricut expressions and hand cut a few. I used the Tags, Bag, Boxes and the George Cartridges. The tags were mainly cut at 7 ½ inches but I did vary the size depending on what I wanted on the tags and where they were to go.
  • I chose to use mainly plain cardstock as I felt that they would largely be covered with pictures and journalling and therefore the pattern wouldn`t be seen, but it is all about your own choice and how you want the finished product to look.
  • The recipes that were given to me are spread throughout the book, and also added to the backs of some tags, or have their own tags.

Below are some of the tags that I have made so far. The picture above showing the tags expanding the spine binding is currently holding 25 tags.


As you can see - a work in progress - more photos and embellishments to add



These tags fit in the pockets of the flaps.


Some tags have journalling on both sides. Some just have it on the underside with the photo on the upside.


...and some more!


Some journalling. I may add extra embellishments, then again..... I may not! I have numbered all the journalling so that the story flows through and the tags if removed, can be put back in their correct order.


A hidden menu. Stamey's BBQ.

The ‘Our Journey’ wallet is two pieces of cardstock 15cm x 9cm. I have inked the edges. The journaling inside is typed on the computer to fit folded within the wallet.

Journal wallet closed. It slides into the flap pocket on the inside cover.



  • I find when I journal that it works well to type within a table on my Word document. This means that I can vary the sizes of the pieces of journaling and add borders  at the same time. I always print off a draft before printing on my chosen paper.
  • You will see that I still have some spaces to fill in my book. I want to add some more smaller photos which I haven’t ordered as yet and I don’t want to cover over all the pattern on a couple of my DS cardstock areas. I may use vellum over these with some small quotes or journalling.
  • There is a lot of instructions but once you get organised, have your photos and papers ready it does not take a lot of time to put together.
  • You can embellish your pages until your heart is content. I believe that less is more but I have seen some amazing books that have heaps of embellishments and they are truly a work of art.
  • Do not be limited to tags and photos in your pages and paper bag pockets. I have added letters and pamphlets and other pieces of memorabilia to my books.


I have also completed a Gate Fold Ancestry Book which I will write up the tutorial for and add to this BLOG soon.

To finish – a quick look through the pages – I will continue to add to this book!



September 28, 2011

Make your own gift – Paper Bag Book.

Some years ago I was introduced to the idea of Paper Bag Books and had a go at making one for my niece when she was newly married. I gathered together favourite recipes of the family and made this into a book to give to her as she started out on her new life. 

The ideas now for making various versions of Paper Bag Books are numerous. I have recently followed instructions on You Tube – (check out Laura from Following the paper Trail)  and have created two new books. The first of which you see here. I will shortly do a tutorial and show you how I created this book – keep watching!

Recipes from and our OE to North Carolina