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August 13, 2014

Sylvia’s Cards made using Shimmer Sheetz

Just a few days ago Sylvia visited me and showed me these gorgeous cards she had made. She has generously given me permission to showcase these here on the BLOG and I will be showing more of her cards over the next days.

It is great to see what other creators do! If you are like me you will sometimes (maybe often) have a block and then you see what someone else has created and it gets you inspired again.

Shimmer Sheetz are reasonably new on the market. I first saw them just before Christmas last year and made a few cards with them. The colour range is amazing. They easily emboss, and you can use various markers to add additional colour. You can die cut them but not easily with intricate dies. I have cut them on the Cricut machine though and that worked well.

There are some good examples of how to use them on You Tube.

So for¬†Sylvia’s cards. I am sure you will agree that these are beautiful.

cass - Shimmer Sheetz HBthday Thelma


As you can see, emboss these with whatever design you wish and you have your own unique style. These cards look stunning in the evening as well. If you have them on the sideboard or somewhere on show, they take on a whole new look when the light reflects off them.

Love, Joy and Peace

Love, Joy and Peace


They are so perfect for Christmas cards. And another………..

Beautiful Christmas!!

Beautiful Christmas!!

Shimmer Sheetz can be found here:

I am gradually building up the colour range and happy to order in any colour you would like.

Sylvia has used Peel Off’s, ribbons and Christmas Embellishments from her personal stash. Check yours out you may be surprised what you find tucked away.

Or if you do need supplies:

Peel Offs





Thanks again Sylvia. I’ll be adding more cards over the coming days.

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